1. Shared view on performance

Onboard and involve your people and create a clear and shared picture of what is happening in the company. Online questionair, objective white label report containing sentiment, performance and (un)used potential.

2. Mapping drive and talent

A selection or all employees will fill in a Talent-On profile, based on proven (Jung) methodology. The accumulation of personal preferences will show on a pager what the drive, talents and blind spots are.

3. Determine the reasons why

Comparing strengths and weaknesse with the available talent and teampreferences enables us to answer the why behind what happens.
A brilliant outlook for fixinging bugs, refresh team and change.

4. Shared goals and roadmap

Together we will create an solid inner-compass which reflects who you want to and have to deliver be in tomorrow’s world. The strategic priorities will be mapped, ranked and dotted on the roadmap.

5. Connecting people to goals

People will be invited to embrace the compass, express commitment to the ambitions of the team and select their personal priorities to work on. Everybody will engage to their own personal development challenge.

 Lead-time approx. 10 weeks. 5 x 1/2 day team workshop, Talent-On profiles, report

The Journey


Compose dream teams

The InmensGrow technology will help to select the best talent available and the right man for the job. Together we will compose dream teams.

Fix problems

The teams will start working on issues identified in the report and improve processes, products and other touch points.

Strengthen structure

The structure of the organization and the staffing of the functions will be optimized. Effectiveness and being fit for the job is key.

Grow people

Continue to work on team- and personal development. The Leef je Merk team provides workshops, coaching and tools for personal development, team effectiveness and leadership growth.

Reach the goals

The company will be seen and experienced as a better, meaningful company. Celebrate success, sharpen the saw and set new goals!

 The lead-in of the development proces will be approx. 2 years. We will give guidance wherever needed.