The Leef Je Merk customer base is diverse and industry independent. This is possible because the customer is always the expert in his field and the issues in every company and branche are very similar, looking towards it from a purpose, engagement & branding perspective.


Christeyns supplies high-quality chemical hygiene products, is a global B2B organization with headquarters in Ghent. The Dutch branche merged in 2017 with Qlean-tec. Outside the Laundry market, this merger also made the food industry and institutional market the playing field of Christeyns.
From 2020 onwards the two company start to integrate as one and Leef Je Merk is guiding this proces. Together we are heading towards 'one Christeyns', a great company guided by a strong inner compass.

“Rob does a great job in merging our businesses
and keeps his eyes on the ball”

- Cees van Haasteren, MD Christeyns -


Hoshizaki-Gram is a leading global manufacturer of commercial kitchen and food service equipment.
The merger with refrigeration specialist Gram brought together Japanese technology and Danish design. Hoshizaki has a portfolio of ice cream makers, fridges, freezers and sushi display cases.

In 2020 we started to work together to fuse the business cultures, implement the new strategy and professionalize the business. Together we walked the line in the journey towards a value driven and punchy company.

Mid 2020, we paid special attention to energize the sales team and adapt the focus in fierce Corona times. Together with the Concept Brigade we also upgraded Gram from a quality cooler to the kitchen's treasure room.

“Rob has put our team on the right track with our new push pull strategy”

- Paul Swaen, Hoshizaki -

Rotterdams Studenten Corps

The senate, a board of 9 young adults, traditionally runs the association for a year and then passes the baton over their successors. The 4e senate (2020-2021) was faced with the greatest crisis since World War II. Due to Corona the club is closed most of the time and the image that the aging outside world has of students has not improved lately.

Leef Je Merk refreshes the team and worked closely together with the youngsters to create a new inner-compass. Doing this their impact abs legacy could be even greater than they could ever imagine. The new compass will be used to modernize the upcoming hazing event and as a valuable selection criterion for new members. But perhaps revitalizing the leadership team and making them proud of what they are doing was the most important thing we could do in Corona era.

HeadFirst Group

HeadFirst Group is a leading international HR service provider and specialist in the field of professional organization of external hiring. Thousands of professionals work for hundreds of clients in Europe every day.

Leef Je Merk has been guiding the HeadFirst leadership team since 2016 and has experienced the rapid growth, due to performance and several acquisitions.

In 2020 got right to the heart of the brand and it's purpose and identified together the impact this could have on company branding, strategy and culture together.

Maitre - We cook happiness

Maitre is a chilled-fresh meals producer from Oude Tonge. The company with approximately 70 employees produces 25,000 chilled meals for retail (mainly Jumbo) and Foodservice every day. The market is developing, where it started with stews, luxury meals are now being delivered. This requires a culture change in which flexibility, resilience, continuous improvement and ownership are essential.Leef Je Merk got through to the purpose and core of the brand. Together with management we created a clear vision and implemented the core values in a very creative way. See also the item 'Ondernemend Nederland'. These core values are anchored by means of competence management and an internal marketing campaign.

“No external execution without internal marketing!”

- Gerard van der Krogt, MD Maitre -

Over the past decade, Leef Je Merk has worked for large and smaller organizations. Below a selection of our highly valued customers: